Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 Peep this:

I would love to have/use some bumpin' wallpaper somewhere either in my house or someone else's.
These are a couple I'm in love with lately. 
The one above is from a small company called AphroChic.They have a couple pillows and housewares
as well but i really dig this wallpaper the most!

I made my own version of this on the walls in my guest room but I would gladly take this over my creation any day of the week. 
I'll have to take some decent photos of the wall I did in the daylight.
No way is it as cool as this.
Or this...

in case you can't tell how stunna' status this stuff is...
 in black and yellow colorway of corse

and finally
from the big domino book.
also, since we're on the subject- the paper on that cover it to die, right?


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