Thursday, February 23, 2012

things that look good with aqua= EVERYTHING

I've decided to make sure I don't run out of post topics by starting a few series posts. What better place to start than with some very versatile color combinations? 
In my world turquoise always works. It fits every pallet and mood and is just always the right answer when looking for an accent or a little pop of happiness. I love it with a little bit of bright pink lately; this sea foam and fuchsia/pink are pretty happy together,no?

examples are as follows:

Schuyler Samperton

not so keen on the couch but the wall paper and windows are pretty lovely


some other interpretations if you will:

gold is nice with these pretty hues

oh, Nicki
i can't decide if i love this or if it's ridiculous

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

in the kitchen

so, i stopped by home depot today to pick up a sample for a client's kitchen and was floored by what i saw.
there's a 'newish' martha stewart line of kitchen counter tops,cabinets, hardware etc at home depot
and this grey one is really very pretty.
it's the weston set in grey.
i would run down and shoot a phone pic of the sample but the lights are so weird in my kitchen it'd never look the right color,which brings me to my next thought.

seeing this sample be so pretty made me realize i need to zhush up my own kitchen a little.
I'm in dire need of new light fixtures and it's down to two cheapies from HD or one from west elm-also really reasonable.

i think this one would look nice with the above cabinets as well as in my kitchen, (maybe both will be together one day).The cabinets are kind of matte and I think this shiny finish is a nice foil for their laid back f
aux pickled wood finish.

this one my husband likes.
that's about all i can say about it. 
don't get me wrong, i think it's great, just not for my kitchen.

i suppose i could mention that i'm looking for something with glass or the appearance of glass.
i have a set of these 

with this
There's some color in there, I promise!
I really should post a couple pictures of what's going on in my house so you can see how things change...
it's hard to photograph something that i'm still not satisfied with, but no one really cares all that much what my house looks like anyway. i suppose i'll take a little time tomorrow to clean and show you guys what's going on in here.

purple with the fur :: has anyone seen this lamp?

I've kind of been into shopping for table lamps lately.
I don't have many and would love to find a pair for my living room to help welcome my wing back home (hopefully soon). 
There's this one lamp I keep remembering but have never been able to find a vendor for.
I was hoping maybe someone could help a girl out??
Her name's "purple with the fur". If anyone knows where to buy this lamp please lemme know!
I'm not even sure I'm as taken with it as I was when I saw it first a few months ago on Furbish's blog,
but I think this lavender color is surprisingly versatile aaand it's made of F.U.R., people??!

the current contenders are...
Robert Abbey Delta lamp
(Furbish has it in lavender which will most likely be what I go with)
Orbit by Nate Berkus for HSN??
 Truffalt Lamp by Kenneth Winsgard; 
I like the taller ones but I'd have to change the shade, it's just a little 
too much white for my place.

My money's on the Delta lamp for best choice of color, price and ready availability
but we'll see what i end up with...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

inspired thoughts: An editing eye

I've had a hard start with a new project. The client is open to lots but I know 
I can't just impose everything i love on her home. I'm not saying we don't have a similar aesthetic-it's just off enough that I've not found a great jumping off point yet.
I stumbled on a rug today that will be the theme of the first of three options im planning to show
this week, i just need to get crackin on a few more ideas.
I think i've learned that hard way that most often it's best to stick to that plan.I need to make use of a strict editing eye and I think this project could be really great!
Here are some designers who are so good at editing mercilessly.

Ana chooses a color pallet and sticks to it. I love this one because it still allows 
an interesting mix but it's not overtaken with thoughtless additions.
I can be queen bee of pretty junkie-junk that just doesn't fit.

 so the wall in this couch photo looks lavender right?
its the exact same color as the wall in the first photo- the one that looks aqua/mint behind her lavender lamp.
The power of color and balance!?
You can make anything appear a different tone or hue when you play with its surroundings.

I would love to be able to do this, not sure if i could live in so "matchy-matchy" a world
but it does look perfect, and perfect has its appeal.

The wilder the idea, the newer, the farther out, the more it demands that you know why you want it.
                                                                                                          Billy Baldwin 
This girl's definitely got chops.
I love her ability to balance color and form perfectly every time!
I hope I'm on my way to learning how this works,
guess practice can't hurt.

can't help it,
this girl...
kelly wearstler textiles!

and finally
my favorite designer right now and writer of my favorite blog:
 you really should check this out daily!
this is why i started blogging and have begun to"do my own thing" building a small business.
She's so fun  you can't forget how much fun this stuff all is looking through her pics and work.


Art Attack:Jim Lambie+ Andreas Larson

Transforming bright white gallery spaces, Jim Lambie produces vibrant 
pulsing art installations that engulf his audience.

Upon first examination the viewer might be too taken by the tension 
of the often crass juxtaposition of color in his work 
to notice that the pieces are actually built up of continuous strips of colored nylon tape. 

Since 2003 Glasgow born artist Jim Lambie has preferred this tape media.
Recently Lambie has formed a collaboration with Photographer
Andreas Larson. Larson's work is largely editorial.
As expected, their quirky combination supplies a beautiful result.

Lambie embellishes Larson's photographs with floral arrangements

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

again with the flowers

Happy Valentine's Day, all!
I hope you receive all the chocolates and desserts you can stand!
I have to admit, i'm kind of a flower person. I really love plants and things and i think flowers always make a thoughtful gift, i just kind of prefer them still growing and living to cut blooms.
Sure, i'll give a cut bundle as a host gift for a party that may have use for a centerpiece but 
i generally gravitate toward a living, prettily potted plant.
I think a potted hyacinth or paper white tied with a big bow makes a lovely gift for most occasions.

I'm writing about this today because first, its a big day for flowers everywhere
and second, because a little plant i bought in poor state has perked up today!

i think he'll make it after all!
 It's hard to believe from this pic that he looked like he might not ever bloom 
when i bought him at safeway a few weeks ago.
He was dried out and drooping and a little off in color but some osmocote(love the stuff)
and warm water every other day has healed him.
He's even overcome being knocked in the floor by some crazy pets.
anyway, less talk and more photos!
daffodils are a happy gentile flower
an inexpensive housewarming or host gift
can be re-potted and made into a sweet gift

As cut flowers go, ranuncolas are always a great go-to.
They're cheap (try 3.99 for a doz at TJ's) and colorful 
and they have a pretty solid lasting power.

Peonies are a flower i'd happily take bundled and cut.
Their splendor is magnificent in a big bunch 
and with all the bright turquoise and navy in my house
these in a light or bright pink or coral fit in perfectly!

i'm saving the best for last.
my favorite flower,
always has and always will be 
lily of the valley

I remember loving them as a kid and i think they're beautiful still.

ok, last post- to brighten things up a little more...
if you couldn't tell, that's my orchid terrarium deal blooming up a storm too
so happy spring may come back one day soon!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Come on ovah'

I'm thinking about painting my front door again.
It's the easiest, quickest makeover and it makes a huge impact.
A clever new paint color, a weird door knocker and a few botanical lovelies 
and you might be even  happier to come home to a well polished entry.
succulents are great for those with a black thumb, they require minimal attention                       

  Door knockers can be fun too!

neon bright

art inspired palette 

see you next week!